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About us

DAF Animation Studios is a small group organization, we create alot of movies, but the most famous series are the "David & Friends" series. We are currently putting them all on our site.

    Well, our crew, and I (Collin) make our movies randomly. We usually make them when we are bored, and I bet that explains a lot... We throw Rap parties (parties you throw when you complete or "rap up" a movie) and invite all our friends over to see them and so far David & Friends 1 has been the most popular, because if you continue a movie to long it gets old. Our movies usually have no story line and are pretty stupid and random... BUT FUNNY!!!

   Recently my movies have been getting more serious, I still do random funny ones on the side, but I've been doing a lot of animations lately.

About me

 I (Collin (aka: TimeTrain)) am the president and proud owner of DAF Animation Studios. I am pretty good at making movies, or at least I think so. I have been making movies since my dad first gave me a camera at the age of 7. Since then I've started my own business and started life as a Director. I go by two user names to represent my two Youtube accounts, DafAnimationstudios, and mentallyinsane28. Although I stopped using mentallyinsane28, and DafAnimationStudios is my main.

More about me: My Profile Page


 If you want to contact me, either go here and  click on "Send Message" if your a member of this website: http://dafanimationstudios.webs.com/apps/profile/profilePage?id=47168675

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Or drop me an email at: dafanimationstudios@hotmail.com

The DAF Animation Studios logo


This is The DafAnimationStudios logo, witch is our main business, but I also have a side one I use for less serious movies called mentallyinsane28, which has it's own logo.

Our Sponsors

 We have 2 sponsors that are currently helping keep us in business, without them, you wouldn't be able to see my wonderful movies. So I'm going to give a shout out to them and please go visit their sites! 
                                                                                                       - timetrain

One of our sponsors is FOXHOUND Productions:

They are a profit Production studios were they
help sponsor and pay for movies and short films.
FOXHOUND Productions also have made
some films them selves!

They sponsor a lot of films, but one of their biggest
money make is us, DAF Animation Studios.
Visit their site at:

Or their Youtube at:

The second one of our sponsors is Ninja12005 Studios:

Ninja12005 Studios is a Animation Studios too,
like us, they make plenty of movies and also sponsor us.
They make several videos a day! Right now they have over 50 videos.


Or their Youtube at:


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